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Our Linkable Assets will generate you backlinks that are relevant and natural. When relevant we link between linkable assets. As we grow so does everyone who publishes quality linkable assets.

We specializes in providing a wide range of Linkable Assets, including infographics, research reports, and other forms of digital content that are designed to attract backlinks and improve your search engine rankings. Whether you’re a business owner, SEO agency, or in-house marketer our methods will increase your domain authority and ultimately grow your website online presence in Google, Bing and other search engines without violating webmaster guidelines.

Who Recommends Linkable Assets

Some of the leading SEO publications and influencers of all time have recommended linkable assets.
“A linkable asset is the foundation of any successful link-focused content marketing campaign…”
Brian Dean

Brian Dean on Backlinko

 “The great thing about linkable assets is that, when successful, they take on a life of their own and the SEO benefit can grow to 10 or even 100 times what was originally anticipated.”
Cyrus Shepard

Cyrus Shepard on Moz

“Linkable assets have a much higher ROI on your promotion efforts because they’re created with attracting backlinks in mind.”
Joshua Hardwick

Joshua Hardwick on ahrefs

“By creating an inventory of link building assets, you lay the foundation for a sustainable link building campaign, whether you’re a one person business or leading a link building team at an organization with thousands of employees, and hundreds of thousands of website pages. The most effective way to structure a link building campaign is based on the organization’s linkable assets, and the most effective first task for a link builder is to create a linkable assets inventory.”
Garrett French

Garrett French on Search Engine Land

“An optimal linkable asset is a thorough, long-form resource that surpasses top-ranking content in the same niche”.
Kevin Rowe

Kevin Rowe on Search Engine Journal

“… the foundation of everything you do should be creating high-quality content that deserves to earn a link”.
“… they can help increase your content’s exposure without any major modifications to your website or budget and secure a high number of links in a relatively short time frame”.
Screenshot 2023 08 18 At 9.50.53 Am

Aaron Haynes on loganix

“You can’t build good, relevant links to your website unless you have at least one linkable asset”.
David Farkas

David Farkas on The UPPERRANKS

“the creation of linkable content assets can significantly enhance your link-building efforts, improve your outreach response rates, and save you time”.
Mediium Logo

Mizanur Rahman on Medium

“Link building isn’t a magical process, it’s simply strategic promotion to people with relevant audiences and a reason to link. Online marketing is growing increasingly important to companies. Search continues to be dominant as a source of traffic, branding, and discoverability. If you’re investing in online marketing, links need to be part of the equation”
Search Engine Watch

Cory Collins on Search Engine Watch

Understanding Linkable Assets

In the world of content marketing, linkable assets are your secret weapon. They’re those pieces of standout content that naturally draw in backlinks from other websites, like bees to honey. We created a list of 50 linkable assets commonly used to earn links.

Defining what constitutes a linkable asset

The Anatomy of a Good Linkable Asset:

A ‘linkable asset’ is essentially any form of online material or resource you’ve crafted with one goal: to attract links from other sites. It could be an infographic, blog post, white paper, or even interactive tools such as quizzes and calculators. The common thread among all these different forms? Value.

Your piece needs to offer something valuable enough for others to want their audience to also see  – whether it’s original research data not found elsewhere on the web, actionable insights readers can immediately implement into their lives, or simply something entertaining enough to warrant social shares. Linking back to you becomes second nature when they find value in your work.

We limit each website to one linkable asset per month.

Ready to Start Earning Backlinks?

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Frequently Asked Questions


We research and create the best possible content for you to publish on your website.


A linkable asset has really good qualities that will naturally gain backlinks. Additionally, outreach work with a linkable asset is much easier.

What do you get out of it?

By publishing linkable assets you gain backlinks. Backlinks are treated as votes of trust and are difficult to acquire when you don’t buy them.

Can Anyone Buy A Linkable Asset?

We have a verification process on who can purchase a linkable asset. Common reasons for disapproval: Link manipulations, PBNs and other Search Engine Violations.

Are We Limited To Ordering?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are our services. Linkable assets require time for research, planning, fact-checking, and editing. Although the Linkable Asset can be created and delivered within a couple of weeks, it does take time to get backlinks and exposure.

Do I Get A Link Report?

Over time as content is being linked to your article, you will be notified of these links. There is no limit to how many links you can earn over time.

We’ve built hundreds of Linkable Assets
30-Day Turnover
No Hidden Fees

“One Size Does Not Fit All”: Different Businesses Require Different Types Of Link-Worthy Content

Differences between various types of businesses’ linkable assets

If there’s one thing we know about great link-worthy resources, it’s this: What works for an SEO blog may not necessarily do wonders for software companies – and vice versa. An SEO-focused site might see success through detailed guides breaking down complex aspects within its industry, while software firms often create compelling product pages detailing features and benefits able to captivate audiences.

No matter which business type you fall under though, remember: Your key to creating high-quality, engaging content aligns closely with industry niche target audience preferences. That way, building links via these unique materials feels like a less forced and more organic process.

Crafting Engaging And Relevant Content For Attracting Links

To truly excel at earning organic traffic (and thus attracting quality external links), understanding your market inside out is crucial. Knowing what resonates with them will guide the creation process, ensuring you produce relevant, engaging written and interactive content capable of attracting a substantial amount of organic traffic along with quality external links.

Leveraging Tools Like SparkToro & BuzzSumo To Gain Market Insights

SparkToro is a useful tool that will help you identify where your demographic engages by figuring out who they are and how to get in touch with them. With tools like SparkToro, we can identify market trends, find partnership opportunities, and much more.

Screenshot 2023 07 28 At 4.39.36 Pm

BuzzSumo serves as an excellent tool, helping our team analyze the performance of articles across platforms based on metrics such as social media engagement levels and the number of earned backlinks. Using the information gleaned here, we can identify trending topics, popular article formats (listicles, how-tos, etc.), top influencers who offer potential collaboration opportunities, and so forth. This is invaluable for crafting a powerful and effective strategy geared toward successful acquisition techniques.

Screenshot 2023 07 28 At 4.35.05 Pm

Crafting Engaging Relevant Written Interactive Content

One fundamental rule of thumb is to always provide the maximum possible value to each reader, regardless of whether they end up linking or sharing further. By successfully achieving this consistently over time, you stand a better chance of developing a strong reputation as a reliable source of insightful and informative material, encouraging higher rates of return visits and increased likelihood of future references in the form of external links.

Assets Linkable is your ace in the hole for content marketing, drawing backlinks like a magnet. We create a valuable resources to attract links from other sites – which includes: infographics, blog posts, white papers and interactive tools. What works for one business might not work for another; it’s all about aligning with industry niche and audience preferences.

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