The Skyscraper Technique: Elevating Your Backlink Game

No doubt, SEO is highly competitive and to excel you must go beyond the ordinary. Enter the skyscraper technique.

The skyscraper technique is the next step, aiming to make your content soar above all else.

The sad reality? Too many marketers believe that “quality content” will magically attract backlinks. If only things were so simple…

As a recent study showed, high-quality links don’t just happen—they’re earned through strategic planning and relentless promotion.

If you want to avoid trying things at random and hoping for the best, then mastering the skyscraper technique should be at the top of your to-do list.

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What is the Skyscraper Technique?

The skyscraper technique represents a strategic SEO method that focuses on enhancing existing online content to create something superior. Rather than introducing fresh ideas, the skyscraper technique emphasizes improving existing content to make it stand out.

A Comprehensive Overview of the SEO Strategy

This process starts by identifying high-performing content within your niche or industry. This could be anything from an engaging blog post to a well-received infographic – any form of digital asset that has gained significant traction in terms of backlinks and social shares.

Once you’ve pinpointed this “tall building”, the next step involves slapping 20 stories on top; essentially crafting skyscraper content ready for consumption that surpasses its predecessor in depth, value, readability, and design – ensuring it’s beautifully designed with immense value for readers.

Surely this approach requires hard work but yields pretty high success rates because you’re providing objectively clear superiority over previous material. The final piece should be so compelling others can’t resist linking back to your site instead of their earlier reference source.

An Extremely Targeted Outreach Method

Beyond developing stellar skyscraper technique-ready pieces lies another crucial aspect: promotion through targeted outreach strategies. After launching your enhanced resource on your website or blog platform, an extremely targeted outreach strategy becomes vital for maximum impact.


Backlinko, recognized as an authority in implementing successful SEO techniques, explains how this particular technique works effectively while also sharing valuable insights gleaned from various link-building case studies.

Remember though: like all worthy strategies – results may vary based upon several factors including industry type and competition level, among others. Yet, the overall potential benefits are undeniable given the meteoric rise in popularity seen in the past few years across different sectors worldwide.

Track performance consistently, optimize efforts, and ensure maximum return on investment by leveraging the power of effective link builders. Using proven methods such as these will likely see long-term success.

Key Takeaway: 


The Skyscraper Technique is an SEO strategy that elevates existing content to new heights, creating a superior version that attracts more backlinks. It’s not about reinventing the wheel but adding extra layers of value and design to what already works well. However, success isn’t guaranteed as it depends on various factors like industry type and competition level.

Benefits of Using the Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is a link-building strategy that has seen tremendous success due to its ability to significantly improve your website’s visibility and ranking. The technique necessitates hard labor, inventiveness, and meticulous organizing in order to be successful; it’s not merely about including more content.

Pretty High Success Rates

This is an extremely targeted outreach method that increases the chances of obtaining backlinks from relevant sources.

A Graphic Of A Percentage Sign With An Arrow Pointing Upward.


Why does it work?

The answer lies in providing value. When you offer something of a higher caliber than what is currently available (for example, producing content that stands out), it increases the chances of people linking back to your material. Numerous case studies on successful link builders confirm these high success rates compared to other link-building techniques.

Meteoric Rise in Organic Traffic

A significant benefit of using the skyscraper technique is its potential to drive organic traffic through the roof. By creating high-quality resources on specific topics, you attract visitors who are actively seeking information related to those subjects.

Your improved rankings also mean increased visibility, resulting in more clicks and visits over time. This can lead to substantial growth in organic traffic, a metric highly valued by SEO consultants and agencies.

Crafting Visually Stunning Content That Stands Out

In addition to writing long-form articles (a tried-and-true method of creating valuable written content), implementing this technique involves creating visually stunning content that stands out from the crowd. This not only provides valuable insights to readers but also enhances their user experience, increasing the likelihood of them sharing or linking back to your page.

An Image Of Regular Standard Color Pencils And One Colored Pencil Standing Out From The Rest.

In simpler terms, well-crafted visuals make complex topics easier to understand, thereby boosting reader engagement levels and reducing bounce rates. It’s a win-win situation from both a UX perspective and an SEO standpoint.

Key Takeaway: 


The skyscraper technique is more than just adding content; it’s a strategic, targeted approach to link building that boosts visibility and rankings. By offering high-value, visually stunning resources on specific topics, you can drive organic traffic sky-high and increase reader engagement.

Steps to Implementing the Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is an innovative link-building strategy that can lead to a meteoric rise in your SEO results. However, it demands meticulous planning and execution.

Step 1: Spotting High-Performing Content within Your Niche

Your initial task involves identifying high-performing content pieces in your niche – blog posts or articles with significant backlinks from other websites. Tools like BuzzSumo & SparkToro can assist you in this quest.

Step 2: Crafting Superior Content

The next step on your skyscraper link-building quest requires crafting superior content; akin to not just adding stories onto an existing tall building but architecturally redesigning it so that its height and design surpass all others. The goal here is to create skyscraper content that provides more value than the original piece by incorporating fresh insights, data points, or perspectives absent previously.

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This process isn’t about merely expanding upon what’s already there – it’s about reshaping information into something objectively clear and better designed for users.

Step 3: Conduct Targeted Outreach

Incorporating the final element of implementing the skyscraper technique entails conducting targeted outreach post-creation of your compellingly crafted piece of work. Reach out specifically to those who have linked similar topics before, as they are likely interested in linking back due to their audience finding relevance too. Remember, this approach doesn’t involve haphazard email blasting hoping for the best – this method ensures meaningful connections built around shared interests.

Remember, though, while success rates could be pretty high when executed right, realizing such huge successes necessitates hard work and dedication.

Analyzing Competitor Content for Maximum Impact

When it comes to the skyscraper link-building technique, understanding your competitors’ content is a crucial step. It’s about identifying what works and finding opportunities to make something even better.

The Art of Spotting Top Performers

Your first mission in this skyscraper link-building quest involves recognizing top-performing competitor assets. These could be blog posts or infographics that have had huge success in terms of backlinks and social shares.

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You’re not just looking at popular pieces; they need to be relevant too. Remember, it doesn’t matter how niche the audience is – if your piece is better than what already exists, it will gain traction and be relevant to that audience, allowing it to grow. 

Evaluating Quality & Relevance

Moving forward, you’ll want to critically evaluate these high-performing pieces objectively. Consider aspects such as readability, depth of information provided, visual appeal (if applicable), and overall user experience on the page itself – essentially, every detail matters here.

Focus on specifics: How comprehensive are their articles? Are there any missing key details? Could visuals or examples enhance them?

Finding Gaps & Opportunities

Last but certainly not least during competitor analysis is spotting gaps in coverage or missed points – these represent golden opportunities. For instance, if most SEO-related articles only discuss keyword research without touching on technical areas like site speed optimization, then you’ve found yourself an opportunity. Create skyscraper content covering those overlooked areas comprehensively, thereby dramatically improving upon what’s currently available online.

Crafting Compelling Headlines and Copywriting Tips

When it comes to skyscraper content, the headline is your hook. It’s what draws readers in from a sea of options.

The Art of Crafting Impactful Headlines

Your task is to create a title that not only grabs attention but also accurately depicts what lies within. A balance between creativity and clarity can be tricky, yet crucial. One proven technique is using numbers or statistics – they’re specific and tend to attract clicks like magnets.

However, avoid bait-and-switch tactics with misleading titles; these could lead to high bounce rates as well as damage your site’s reputation over time.

Sky-High Copywriting Techniques for Skyscraper Content

To truly stand tall among competitors when creating skyscraper content requires more than just hard work – you need stellar copywriting skills too. Your words must engage users while providing valuable information that answers their questions or solves their problems. Scientifically backed techniques, such as storytelling woven into complex topics, make them relatable and memorable for readers, while data-backed facts lend credibility, making audiences trust you more easily.

Maintaining consistency in tone across all pieces during this link-building quest is another critical aspect often overlooked, as many SEO consultants are eager to slap 20 stories onto their existing structure without considering if it fits the overall narrative style. The voice of your brand should resonate throughout every line – from headers down through body paragraphs until closing remarks.

Consistency isn’t merely about uniformity though; there shouldn’t be any jarring transitions between different sections either – continuity plays an essential role in keeping audience interest piqued until the end.

Promoting Your Content for Maximum Visibility

Once you’ve built your skyscraper content, the next stage is to ensure it doesn’t just blend into the cityscape. This phase involves an extremely targeted outreach method that ensures your hard work pays off.

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In the right lens everything is clear

Social Media Promotion: The New Town Crier

Broadcasting your content on social media platforms can dramatically improve its visibility. Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are modern-day town criers – excellent avenues for reaching out to potential link builders in a sea of digital noise. Remember, though, each platform has its own language and audience culture, so tailor your message accordingly.

Email Outreach Strategy: Not Just Throwing Messages Into The Wind

The effectiveness of the skyscraper technique hinges heavily on successful email outreach strategies. Unlike throwing messages at random hoping something sticks (the cooked spaghetti approach), this strategy demands careful planning and execution.

Your emails should be personalized as carefully crafted letters sealed with wax seals resonating with each recipient’s interests or needs – not generic pigeon post missives that are thrown blindly into wind currents above tall buildings hoping they reach someone interested in what you have to say.

Influencer Collaboration: Borrowed Ladders To Greater Heights

Collaboration with influencers within your niche could result in a meteoric rise for your content. Leveraging their large following base through guest posting or mentions allows your content to wade into territories it might never have reached alone.

Key Takeaway: 


Don’t let your skyscraper content blend into the digital cityscape. Amplify its visibility through targeted social media promotion, personalized email outreach, and influencer collaborations. Remember to tailor your approach for each platform and audience for maximum reach.

Measuring Results of the Skyscraper Technique

You track and analyze. Let’s dive into this.

Diving Into Traffic Data

Your first stop on your analysis journey should be traffic data. Tools like Google Analytics are perfect for assessing visitor influx to your skyscraper content page.

A meteoric rise in visits post-publishing indicates that people find value in what you’ve crafted and they’re spreading the word about it. Remember though, quality over quantity – look out for longer session durations and lower bounce rates as these signify meaningful interactions with your site.

Evaluating Backlink Gains

This tall building called ‘skyscraper’ isn’t just visually stunning; its purpose is to attract high-quality backlinks too. So let’s see how well we’ve done using tools such as Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker.

If there’s been an uptick in authoritative sites linking back to yours then pat yourself on the back – this means our outreach strategy has had pretty high success rates.

Social Shares & Engagement Check-In

Social shares act as another metric hinting at audience interest levels. Facebook or Twitter have built-in analytics providing insights into likes, comments, etc., giving us a clear picture of reception. If social media users are actively engaging with and sharing your content across their networks then indeed it’s beautifully designed.

Measuring Tape With Wooden Stick Figures Inside Of It Being Tied Up. This Represents Measuring User Data.

Gauging Keyword Rankings Progression

Last up: keyword rankings check-up via SEO platforms like SEMrush Position Tracking Tool. The aim here was not merely to slap 20 stories onto already existing information, but to create something better (a more beautiful building, or one that has more amenities) which should result in improved positions for target keywords over time. Remember patience pays off when waiting for results from hard work put into implementing effective techniques.

Key Takeaway: 


Assessing the success of your skyscraper technique involves analyzing traffic data, backlink gains, social engagement, and keyword rankings. A surge in visits, quality backlinks from authoritative sites, active social shares, and improved keyword positions indicate a job well done. Remember: good things take time.


It’s not only about constructing material but making something that is superior to anything else available.

This strategy offers immense benefits, from driving more traffic to your site to boosting backlinks and improving your search engine rankings.

Analyzing competitor content helps you uncover opportunities for improvement and generate even more backlinks. It’s all part of the process.

Crafting compelling headlines and engaging copy is key. For your audience to truly connect with and promote your content, it must be remarkable.

Promotion strategies are essential too – without them, how will people find your incredible piece?

And finally, measuring results lets you see where improvements can be made for future efforts. Optimization never ends!

At Asset Linkable, we aim to create high-quality linkable assets using this very technique. Moreover, our outreach efforts will generate backlinks, or your money back! 

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